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T h e   M a k e r s

Since 1994 Colin Tulloch has been producing traditional Cremonese style violins after a previous career in engineering. Colin’s engineering background combined with his natural craftsmanship and woodworking abilities are the foundation of his violin making career. Colin is one of Scotland's most established and recognised makers, His instruments are renowned Worldwide for their sound quality.


Colin has gained experience studying in the U.S. and Cremona. He has a long-running friendship with the U.S. maker Kelvin Scott whom Colin studied with in 2005 in Knoxville, Tennessee. 


In September 2008, Colin travelled to Cremona, Italy, to attend the Cremona 1730-1750: Nell'olimpo della liuteria exhibition. Here Colin was able to study over 30 Guarneri Del Gesù violins as well as instruments by Stradivari and Bergonzi. Colin also travelled to northern Italy source tone wood for his own instruments from the same forests as the great Italian makers.


Since then Colin has been an active member of the annual British Violin Making Association (BVMA) Makers' Day where dozens of international makers meet to show and hear their instruments being played professionally. Colin was selected for the prestigious Oberlin Summer Workshop in the U.S. ran by the Violin Society of America.

Findlay Tulloch is now producing his own violins learning from his father. Born in Orkney, Findlay has grown up surrounded by violin making and music. Findlay is a born craftsman and possesses a rare aptitude for woodworking. Following in the same traditional Cremonese style, his instruments are crafted to the same high standard. Completing several courses in design, Findlay’s technical background has helped the business in its new venture into high quality fittings.

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